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birthday parties

Give your Child the Best Birthday Party Ever…

A birthday party can be unforgettable either because it is extremely fun or extremely boring. Guess which kind your child wants?

Fulfill your Desire to Delight your Kid

If you want to throw a birthday party in Dayton Ohio for your kid that everyone will remember and cherish, you’ve come to the right place. J.D. Legends is the perfect place for fulfilling your desire to delight your kid.

Help your Kid Make & Impress Good Friends

Organizing an enjoyable birthday party in Dayton Ohio for your children is an amazing way to help them make and impress friends. After we put incredible food, crazy fun games and a whole lot of excited children all under one roof, you can be sure that everyone gets along!

Be Your Child’s Hero

All parents are proud of their kids. By arranging the most fantastic kids birthday parties Dayton Ohio can boast, we make your children proud of you! We have had many clients thank us for making them their children’s hero (at least for a few days any ways!)

The Best of Birthday Party Venues, Dayton Ohio

Of all the birthday party venues Dayton Ohio has to offer, no setting comes close to Strike Zone Lanes, which is why we suggest it for you child’s birthday party. Kids’ birthday parties in Dayton Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter, are (or least should be) all about fun and food. Strike Zone Lanes combines these two ingredients for an amazing birthday bash. From the most delicious pizza and cool birthday cupcake to fun-filled bowling, birthday parties in Dayton Ohio could not get any better.

“I can’t believe they did all that just for me”

That’s what you and your family will be saying after you have your child’s next birthday party at Strike Zone Lanes. We have 3 different party packages that we offer and we will work hard to find the date and time that will work best for you.

Once you have decided which party will be best, simply fill out the form below and a team member will give you a call to confirm your date and time.

“Our job is to ensure that your child has not only a great birthday party, but a memorable one as well”
-Wasfi Samaan, President and Owner

Our birthday parties are primarily held on Saturdays and Sundays, but we will work with you to accommodate any parties throughout the week. Please understand that to guarantee you get the specific time you want, you will want to sign up for your party a couple weeks in advance. We host plenty of parties on the weekends and in order to be very organized we will only book a set amount of parties at a given time. Each party is 2 hours long and we recommend that when booking please tell your party to arrive 15 minutes early. This guarantees that we keep the parties on time. Thank you and we look forward to putting a smile on your child’s face.

Call us or stop in today & See Yourself !

Birthday Party FAQ