Monday-Thursday 11am-12am, Friday - Saturday 11am-2:30am, Sunday 11am-9pm
65 Millard drive, Franklin, Ohio 45005

Company History

J.D. Legends comprise a state-of-the-art award-winning Restaurant and Family Fun Center focused on providing smaller communities an entertainment option for the whole family. The environment is clean, vibrant and fun.

We offer glow-in-the-dark bowling with music and video projectors that come down above the lanes. There a full-service restaurant and bar with many TVs. J.D. Legends also has trivia, karaoke, live entertainment, a patio/deck and night club. Enjoy three sand volleyball courts with a tiki bar. J.D. Legends is where food and family fun come together under one roof.

In 1997 brothers Eli and Wasfi Samaan agreed to keep open a failed bowling center at the request of a local bank in Jessamine County, Kentucky. At the time, none of them even knew how to keep a bowling score. After a few months of operating the facility, they fell in love with this new source of entertainment. Wasfi and Eli also realized that something was missing in this small town–namely, a casual dining restaurant, sports bar and family entertainment center.

So they remodeled the facility to add a full-service restaurant, sports bar and family entertainment center called J.D. Legends and Strike Zone Lanes. Their goal was to give smaller towns a place where customers can enjoy a great meal, drinks and entertainment under one roof.

The Samaans have created a fun, clean and vibrant facility that everyone can enjoy. The finished product has been a success with Jessamine County residents in Kentucky. In 2003, the same approach was applied to a very similar area in Franklin, Ohio.

J.D. Legends have received national and international recognition in the bowling industry, especially for best practices for food and beverage in a bowling center in 2001 for the Kentucky location and in 2004 for the Ohio location. In addition JD Legends was awarded business of the year by the Springboro Chamber of Commerce.